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Tamia's Tasks

Administrative Works

Administrative Work projects include a variety of tasks, including answering phone calls, responding to emails or letters, scheduling daily tasks, meetings, and calls.


I help product managers and business leaders use user research and data to strengthen their brand, marketing, and communication strategies. I also regularly provide digital strategy consulting on a variety of projects. And I’m always looking for fun collaborations.


Brand & Marketing Support

I can be a social media account manager for small businesses who want to be active on social media and want to increase their online audience without spending hours doing it. I can create, manage, and track posts across multiple social media accounts.


Social Media Accounts

 I will help you with creating content to post on your website. Organizing your daily posts! I also have a quite unique ability to find information on almost anything so let me know what you need!

Image by Daniel Tomlinson

Content Creation

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